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A Truly Unique Riding Experience

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Do you love horses? Does the mere idea of a day of riding one of the world's most beautiful and graceful creatures bring you joy? Would you be out there if you just felt a little better about being around such powerful animals? Or perhaps you're not interested, but you know someone who is—someone who desperately wants to experience the same relationship with horses that humanity has enjoyed for millennia—and you'd feel better about encouraging that person if you were certain that safety was put first. If that's the case, riding lessons are the best place to start.

Double H Stable offers year-round Western and English riding lessons for all levels of riders. Using a practical, straightforward approach, we educate students in a fun and relaxed setting that prioritizes the safe and responsible handling and care of horses. Helmets, which we will provide, must be worn during lessons. Rates are listed below. Please note that all beginning riders are required to start with private or semi-private riding lessons, as this will allow us to properly assess the skill and comfort level of each person and tailor future lessons accordingly. Any incoming intermediate or advanced students must be evaluated in a private lesson prior to being placed in an established group.

Lessons are conducted in the ring and eventually on the trail. For the duration of the riding lessons we generally provide horses to anyone without one, but if you happen to have your own horse and need somewhere safe and warm to keep him between your riding lessons and trail rides, we offer stall boarding and horse training for separate fees.

If you're ready to be one half of what might be the world's best example of a human-and-animal team, give us a call at (540) 636-4523 or send us an email.


Lesson Rates

Private Instruction
1 hour session - $50

Semi-Private Instruction
1 hour session - $40/student

Group Instruction
1 hour session - $30/student